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Everybody has their morning routine. Some people run, while others get the kids ready to go. Others just need to make sure they have a smooth commute. Weather can make it difficult to plan.

One way to keep up with Mother Nature is by having a personal weather station. You can open an app but the information is only from one remote station, which could be miles away. It may also take up to an hour. A home weather station gives you up-to-the-minute information about what she is doing outside your front door. Weather Underground has created a list of compatible stations for this buying guide. Weather Underground is integrated with the personal weather stations below.

What is a Weather Station?

Weather stations provide vital weather data via internal and external sensors. They keep you in touch with your surroundings. It may seem odd to ask, “Why do you need a personal weather station?” You can be prepared by having a personal weather station. Also Check Best Compact Weather Stations

Consider these factors when purchasing a new station.

  • Easy installation and set up
  • Quality and quantity of sensors
  • It’s easy to connect data to Weather Underground
  • Connectivity from device to internet (wifi/computer)

Accuracy of reporting frequency

A personal weather station that incorrectly measures weather conditions is useless. You will receive what you pay. The accuracy of the indoor-outdoor thermometers or weather stations that you will find at your local department shop is usually lower than those from professional-grade weather stations like the Davis Pro2.

The best weather stations will also keep you updated more often than lower-end models (30 seconds minimum)

What about solar power or batteries? Nearly all weather stations work wirelessly nowadays, so your instruments can be run on either solar power or batteries. Avoid stations that rely solely or mostly upon solar power. It is possible for instruments to run out of energy after a few rainy days. The best options are battery-operated and solar-assisted units. It is possible to need to change batteries only once a year.

Internet connectivity: If your station is connected to an Internet connection, you will be able not only to access it when you are away, usually through an app or special website, but also to share your data worldwide via services such as Weather Underground. Even if your weather station isn’t available, meteorologists may need your data.

Smart home support: A personal weather station can make you smarter. If your home already has a connected-home network, you can search for a weather station that is compatible with it. Some stations can be controlled via automation services such as IFTTT. If the temperature drops too low, you can turn on the heater, or turn off your air conditioner, depending on how hot it gets. Other stations can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for highly localized weather reports.


  • 【180°Adjustable Angle Projection Alarm Clock】: Perfect weather clocks for bedrooms. The projected temperature changes from indoor temperature to outdoor temperature automatically. Weather clock projected in a soft red color on ceiling or wall, it is comfortable and easy to reading time and temperature at night. Adjustable projection angles provide for optimal viewing to meet different users preferences.
  • 【Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Weather Station】: Adopt with professional grade indoor outdoor thermometer and humidity monitor provides most accurate measurement. Using 6 vivid weather symbols to indicate weather forecast. You can view the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, weather forecast and other information to facilitate your daily life. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted.
  • 【Support up to 3 External Senors】: The weather station can connect up to 3 channel wireless sensor. Remote sensor with transmission large range up to 200ft/60m in an open area. (Not included)
  • 【2 Power Optional Requirement】: 2x AA batteries (Not included) or DC power Supply. Using the button battery of the main device to ensure that all settings are remembered during a power outage, so you don't need to set it up again. Powered by DC adapter, backlight always stand on.The brightness of backlight can be adjust.
  • 【Daily Alarms with Snooze Function】: Setting the 2 separate daily alarm repeat in M-F, S-S, or M-F and S-S for different purposes. With snooze function, this projection alarm clock allows you to set 5 ~ 60 minutes’ sleep time or turn SNOOZE function off. Lifetime Warranty - If you have any pre-sales or after-sales question, please feel free to contact us.


  • Dynamic forecast icons with tendency arrows
  • Temperature & humidity (hi/lo) customizable alerts
  • Comfort level color bar
  • Adjustable backlight.Sensor dimension: 1.57 L x 0.79 W x 5.12 H inches
  • Self setting accurate atomic time and date with automatic daylight savings time reset (on/off optional)


  • [7.5" LCD Screen Weather Stations] Newentor temperature and humidity monitor with large color screen, which shows sharper image and more informations: indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity(max/min, hi/lo), customizable alerts, time/date, alarm clock/snooze, weather forecast (next 8-24 hrs) moon phases, barometric pressure.
  • [3 Channels Home Weather Stations Wireless Indoor Outdoor] Wireless temperature forecast station supports up to 3 wireless outdoor sensors and monitors inside outside temperature & humidity of multiple locations. The digital weather station contains one remote sensor.
  • [Wireless Color Forecast Station] This weather forecast station calculates the weather forecast for the next 8 hours, 7 to 10 days calibration ensures an accurate personal forecast for your location.
  • [Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Time and Date] Atomic alarm clock weather station can be used not only as a wireless indoor outdoor thermometer but also as an atomic clock with dual alarms.
  • [Two Power Modes & Brightness-Adjustable Backlight] Color Display weather station be powered by a DC adapter (included) or 2*AA batteries (not included). The screen will turn off automatically after 15 seconds to save power when using batteries only and it will stay on when using power cord. Screen brightness can be adjusted with the SIXTH button on the right side of the weather station clock. Extra USB charging port helps charging your phone.


  • Easy-to-read, color display looks attractive for any room and the verticle design uses minimum counter space for convenient placement
  • Wireless weather station shows information for indoor/outdoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity with daily highs/low records, indoor comfort monitor, dew point, heat index, barometric pressure with trend indicator, clock, and calendar
  • Includes a 12-24 hour future weather forecast
  • Set alerts to be notified when conditions are outside of your preferred ranges
  • Includes: Digital weather station display, wireless temperature sensor, power adapter, instruction manual




  • Real-Time Weather Conditions: Receive readings for indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure trend
  • Forecasting Technology: Provides a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Monochrome Display: Easily view all your weather data from across any room in the house or office
  • Dynamic Forecast Icons: Displays trend arrows, so you'll always know the latest weather trends
  • Multiple Placement Options: Tabletop design with an attractive display makes the perfect weather station for your desk or countertop


  • Multi-Room Monitoring: Know accurate environmental conditions in up to four locations inside and outside of your home
  • Bright, Illuminated Color Display: Displays current temperature and humidity readings from all four locations at a glance
  • Forecasting Technology: Provides a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions
  • Multi-Use Temperature and Humidity Station: Display features built-in sensors to show temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure wherever the display is set up
  • Programmable Alarms: Know when to take action if environmental conditions exceed your preferred preset range


  • Real-Time Weather Conditions: Receive readings for indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall
  • Large Color LCD Display with Adjustable Dimmer: Convenient to read and easily view data from various angles
  • Weather Forecast: Provides a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions
  • Displays Comprehensive Weather Conditions: Pressure trends with trend arrow, heat index, dew point, and feels like temperature
  • Monitor Accurate Weather Conditions Anywhere in with your Backyard: Monitor weather conditions in the garden, RV park, or any precise location


  • Wireless outdoor temperature (F/C) with over 330ft (100m) transmission range; Includes 1 TX141-Bv3 weather-resistant temperature sensor (requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Monitors Indoor temperature and Indoor humidity (%RH); Records MIN/MAX temp records with Time&Date stamp
  • 12/24 hour manual set time with Full Weekday or Month/Date calendar view; Display is wall mountable or tablestanding; Indicates Sensor strength and low battery
  • Bonus Add-On features: Display can receive up to 3 Temp/Humidity sensors (TX141TH-BCHv3 only) and TX145R only wireless rain bucket (Additional sensors sold separately); Auto-scroll display
  • Receiver (display) requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included); Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included)


  • Dynamic color forecast display & forecast tendency indicator
  • Seasonal foliage background changes every 3 months
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature (F/C) & humidity (%RH) with min/max records and customizable alerts
  • Barometric pressure and 24Hr historical graph
  • Note: Kindly refer user manual provided for set-up and troubleshooting; Indoor temperature range: +32°F to +99°F (0°C to 37°C)

Top 10 Best Weather Station Indoor Outdoor Temperatures With Best Deal

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