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One of the most popular electronic test instruments is digital multimeters. There are many options for buying them, with a wide range of choices. 

It can be difficult to choose from digital multimeters. Some cost less than $10, EUR10, or PS10, while others may cost more than ten times that. 

It is possible to purchase very high-performance test instruments, even at a low price, that can be used for many electronic and electrical test applications. However, it is important to note the low-cost test meters that can only be used for high voltage work.

Digital multimeter specifications determine the performance of a multimeter. DMM Specification refers to the ability of the multimeter to measure DC current, AC current, and AC voltage.

* Use a digital multimeter that has a higher voltage than the main voltage required to operate any electrical devices you are interested in observing the readings.

* The multimeter should not be used beyond the maximum current it can handle. Higher currents can lead to severe dangers.

* Check that the digital multimeters you are considering buying have the correct RMS value. This may include any DC components.

A dual differential temperature function digital multimeter is a great option for temperature monitoring. This allows you to simultaneously measure two temperatures.

These seven factors will help you choose the right digital multimeter for your needs. Fluke, Meco and Mastech are some of the top online sellers of digital multimeters. These multimeters are reliable and accurate.

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  • USB and RS-232 serial interfaces
  • AC or battery operation
  • 40,000 count, 4-1/2 digit primary display and dual 4,000 count, 3-1/2 digit sub displays
  • 40 segment analog bargraph
  • Data logging of 9,999 readings


Part Number72-1055


Part Number72-13435


  • 【100% Safety Assurance】Built-in Double Fuse. Overload Protection on all ranges.
  • 【Auto-ranging Tester】Accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, continuity, diode, etc.
  • 【Backlight Display】 Designed with 3 1/2 digit LCD display and 'Backlight', showing the reading clearly in low light areas.
  • 【Special Points】 Data Hold, Maximum Value Hold, Function Switching, Auto Power OFF. Sampling Speed: 3 times per second.
  • 【9V Battery】DON'T forget to install the 9V battery before using the digital multimeter, or it will go on strike.


  • Dual display. True RMS. Basic DC accuracy: 01 percent
  • Dcv/dci, acv/aci, 2/4 wire R, C, CONT, diode, freq, period, Temp
  • Built-in cold junction compensation for TC temperature measurements
  • USB host, USB device, LAN interfaces
  • Up to 150 readings/sec, statistics, graphs


  • Dual Display. True RMS
  • DCV/DCI, ACV/ACI, 2/4 Wire R, C, Cont, Diode, Freq, Period, Temp
  • Built-in Cold Junction Compensation for TC Temperature Measurements
  • USB Host, USB Device, LAN Interfaces
  • Up to 150 readings/sec, Statistics, Graphs


Part Number72-13430


Part Number1274382


  • Manual ranging digital multimeter with 20,000 count display
  • Measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature; Test diodes, transistors, and continuity
  • Data hold function to temporarily store values
  • Backlit LCD makes it easy to view in low-light conditions
  • AC or DC (battery) powered option with overload protection


  • Compact 2-in-1 unit provides standard digital multimeter functions
  • Meter Display Type: LCD
  • Network Functionality: -
  • Network Speeds: -

Top 10 Best Tenma Dmms

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