Best Technics Equalizers


  • Dual 21 band equalizer with individual LED indicators Inputs: RCA (4 audio sources), MP3 (1/8'') Outputs: RCA (record, main) Frequency response
  • Fluorescent spectrum display Direct/Equalizer function allows option of unfiltered pass-through Bass booster increases the low frequency
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:


  • Revolutionary instant encode/decode Type III Noise Reduction in-circuit at the push of a button
  • Increases S/N ratio by up to 20dB
  • Patent-pending Peak Plus Limiter threshold range from 0dBu to +24dBu (off) can transparently tame the wildest hits or the subtlest nuances of any signal
  • Four segment LED bar graph for BOTH Gain Reduction AND Output Level Status LEDs offer visual feedback for all settings on the front panel
  • Inputs: ¼” TRS, female XLR (pin 2 hot), and barrier terminal strip


  • Ten Bands of graphic EQ per Channel
  • Multi-colored spectrum analyzer display shows the output of the system
  • LEDs in all sliders, Two Line inputs and dual tape monitor loops
  • Tuner | CD | TAPE | DVD inputs!
  • Power supply MAX:20W


Part NumberTechnics SH-8017


  • Features 3-speed turntable, Bluetooth connectivity, USB player, CD player, cassette player, FM radio with analog tuner, and 3.5mm aux-in
  • Record from vinyl to MP3 (Mac/PC software and USB cable included)
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • RCA output (RCA cable included) and headphone jack
  • Remote control included


  • The Rockville REQ215 is a Dual Channel 30 Band (15 bands per channel) rack mountable EQ. Dual channel (15 bands per channel). Switchable 12 Band or 6dB boost/cut range.
  • 80Hz 24dB low cut filter. 2/3 octave filter sets. 25 Hz to 16 kHz effective equalization range. Constant Q filters. Output level LEDs (-12 to +17 dB). Low cut filter switch with status LED.
  • XLR inputs and outputs for balanced operation. Bypass switch with status LED. Balanced XLR input/output. Subwoofer out. Subwoofer X-Over Freq ( 30Hz - 200Hz ) selecting.
  • Connectors : XLR balanced inputs and outputs. Ground lift switch. Frequency Centers : 31.5 Hz, 40 Hz, 63 Hz, 100 Hz, 160 Hz, 250 Hz, 400 Hz, 500Hz, 630 Hz, 800 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz.
  • Input Impedance : 20k ohms. Output Impedance : 1.5k ohms. Maximum Output Level : 11 VAC. Level Control : +/- 12 dB. Signal to Noise : 90 dB. Distortion : 0.03%. Power : 120 Volt.

Technics SH-GE70 Equalizer


  • 7 bands per channel
  • LED lighted sliders
  • LED signal level indicators
  • Switchable EQ defeat
  • +/- 12dB boost/cut


  • Constant Q circuitry with a 3% center frequency accuracy
  • 20 mm center detent sliders
  • Selectable boost/cut range of 6dB or 12dB
  • Active balanced and unbalanced input and output connections
  • Variable input level control


  • 15-B Equalizer With Fbq Feedback Detection

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