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SUZUKI M-37C Melodion Melodica From Japan


  • The new Semi Pro M-37C Alto Melodion has exceptional sound and range at a reasonable price. Featuring phosphor bronze reeds, all aluminum covers and full 37 note range. Great choice for the serious Melodion hobbyist and performer.
  • Standard Mouthpiece
  • Trumpet Style Mouthpiece
  • Flexible Tube Mouthpiece
  • Soft Gig Bag with Handles


  • 37 Key Alto Melodian
  • Finished with Walnut effect end covers, Brass bright work, contrasting Red key felt, Black vinyl coated body
  • Wide tone variation from soft woodwind to a powerful brass
  • Mouthpiece extension tube and stand mouthpiece plus an additional performance mouthpiece in Black & Brass finish
  • Carry case in a Leather style look


  • Pianicas are free-reed instruments similar to accordions and Harmonicas
  • Popular in Asian markets and are used primarily for general music education
  • The top choice for many educators and professional musicians
  • Produce clear, full tones with solid projection and feature anti-corrosive reeds, providing stable intonation


  • Like the Melodion but creates a Recorder sound
  • Allows the performer to play chords
  • 25 keys with a range of F2 to F4
  • Includes a short mouthpiece, a tube mouthpiece and a strap


  • 32-Key
  • Soprano Melodion
  • The ideal learning instrument for the beginning musician
  • Precision tuned and constructed to last a lifetime
  • Includes Carrying Case & mouthpiece


  • Suzuki-Leader in Music Education
  • Teacher Approved
  • Won't easily break because of sturdy construction


  • The Hammond 44 incorporate a built-in dynamic microphone
  • Designed in collaboration with leading harmonica manufacturer Suzuki Musical Instruments


  • An ideal simple instrument features 32 keys
  • Anti-corrosive bronze reed maintains the sound clear and nice
  • With 1 short and 1 + ( 1 spare ) long mouthpieces for multiple playing ways
  • Comes in a deluxe canvas carrying case
  • Ideal for beginners, students, kids as well as professionals


  • Melodion
  • standard 32 note Melodion
  • it comes with one standard mouthpiece and one extension tube with mouthpiece
  • Made in Japan


  • 32 piano style keys.
  • Long flexible mouthpiece allowing the melodica to be set on a table for keyboard like playability.
  • Short mouthpiece that allows you to hold the instrument with one hand and play with the other.
  • Convenient carry Bag for increased portability.
  • Durable in construction.

Top 10 Best Suzuki Melodicas

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