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SUUNTO M-3 NH Compass
SUUNTO M-3 NH Compass More info +


  • High grade steel needle with jewel bearing
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Adjustable declination correction
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation


  • High grade steel needle with jewel bearing
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Fixed declination correction scale
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • Detachable snap-lock lanyard. Easy to detach for working with the map

Suunto M-9 Wrist Compass


  • Handy and reliable wrist compass for navigating around town or the country
  • Employs Suunto's two-zone system for reliable readings in northern hemisphere
  • Serrated bezel ring turns easily even when you're wearing gloves
  • Ratchet mechanism for setting direction; jewel bearing and side reading window


  • Compact mirrored compass for taking highly accurate and reliable directional measurements
  • Global needle works anywhere on the planet; base plate with magnifying lens
  • Fixed declination adjustment system is ideal for areas with large magnetic variation
  • Extra sighting hole for added precision; luminous bezel and markings for nighttime viewing


  • Suunto Core Classic packs the key outdoor features in robust construction with a comfortable elastomer strap.
  • Combining an altimeter, barometer and compass with weather information, Suunto Core Classic is the essential tool for your adventures.
  • Measurements: 49.1 x 49.1 x 14.5 mm / 1.93 x 1.93 x 0.57 | Weight: 67 g / 2.36 oz | Bezel material: Aluminum | Glass material: Mineral crystal | Case material: Composite
  • Strap material: Textile material | Mountain & everywhere use | Depth meter for snorkeling
  • Multiple watch, date and time functions | User-replaceable battery | Multilingual menu (EN, FR, DE, ES) | Multifunction: Temperature, Storm alarm, Sunrise / sunset


  • Fast globally balanced needle with jewel bearing
  • 20 degrees tilt margin for easier readings
  • Adjustable declination correction
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • Mirror for sighting bearings and signaling


  • Perfect For Adventurers: Meant for those that love the outdoors, such as hikers, climbers, skiers, and even search and rescue personnel; This compass allows you take accurate bearings on each landmark
  • Sighting Mirror – Protect your compass with the sighting mirror, while still seeing your bearings
  • Includes Clinometer – Comes with a clinometer to help you measure angles, perfect for climbers and hikers that travel on steep hills
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Includes Lanyard with wristlock, declination correction tool, Quickrelease, QuickGuide, and a life time warranty


Part NumberSS004245001


  • Large sighting mirror, 50% more accurate reading than non-mirrored models
  • Ergonomic, luminous and two color bezel ring (luminous)
  • Works anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Notched capsule for easy grip, even with gloves. 1:24K, 1:62.5K scales
  • Detachable lanyard with snap lock


  • a professional mirror compass with top-of-the-line features for precise directional measurements globally
  • Fast, Globally balanced needle with jewel bearing Sighting tools for accurate direction taking Adjustable Declination correction
  • Fast globally balanced needle with jewel bearing, 20 degrees tilt margin for easier readings, Adjustable declination correction
  • Measurements 65 x 101 x 18 mm Weight 75 g Measurements 2.56 x 3.98 x 0.71 " Weight 2.65 oz
  • Bezel material: Plastic, Metric scales cm, 1:25 000 km UTM, 1:50 000 km UTM, Imperial scales inch

Top 10 Best Suunto Compasses

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